Sitemap - 2021 - Friendly Atheist

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Church Scandals Got Even Wilder

Don't Describe the MAGA Crowd's Anti-Immigration Stance as "Unreligious" Cruelty

How Bad Should Anyone Feel About an Old Church Dying Out?

NC Sheriff: I "Will Not Waiver" in Promoting Jesus Through My Office

A Prominent Tennessee Televangelist Appears to Be Under Investigation for Sexual Misconduct

Russian Priest Who Adopted 70 Kids Sentenced to Jail for Raping, Abusing Minors

Megachurch Staffers Quit After Video Confirms Pastor's Infidelity

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Mormon Church's Bigotry Just Cost Them a Very Wealthy Member

Former Priest Arrested for Taking Lewd Pictures with Unconscious Victims

"Night at the Creation Museum" Will Change Your Mind About Absolutely Nothing

Man Sues Bible School Leaders for Spreading Rumor He "Had Contagious Demons"

Conservative Christians Can't Handle the Satanic "Baby Baphomet" Display in the IL State Capitol

The Richest Man in Utah Just Quit the Mormon Church with a Damning Letter

GOP Lawmaker Claims, Falsely, That "Godless People... Run This Country"

These Christians Think a Statue Outside the U.N. Represents the End Times Beast

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Went Up in November (and They're Higher Than Pre-COVID Numbers)

A Christian Jewelry Store Has Sued the U.S. Military Over Faith-Based Dog Tags

WEEK IN REVIEW: A Duggar Lost an Election and Couldn't Even Get All the Votes in His Family

Appeals Court Rules, Again, in Favor of Student Bullied for Not Saying the Pledge

"What If YOU Were Never Born?" is an Awful Argument Against Abortion

Father of Child Molester Josh Duggar Loses Race for Arkansas State Senate

How Kenneth Copeland gets away with living in a tax-free mansion

Christian Hypocrite Josh Duggar Found Guilty in Child Sex Abuse Image Trial

The Future of Organized Humanism, Thankfully, Isn't New Atheism 2.0

A Preacher Promoted Spousal Abuse from the Pulpit

It's a "Maternity Ranch" Because Women Are Treated Like Cattle

Angelic Sulfates Won't Purify Your Body

The Father of Christian Predator Josh Duggar is Running for Office on a "Pro-Family" Platform

There's No Low-Hanging Fruit When Covering Conservative Christians

Kamala Harris and the Johnson Amendment

This Religious Leader Wears a Crown of Bullets

France's Catholic Church is a Hotbed of Abuse

Pat Robertson is Retiring (and Depriving Us of Quoting Him Verbatim)

Kent Hovind Is Going Back to Jail

Twitter Finally Broke Up with Hate-Preacher Greg Locke

After Preaching at Bikini-Clad Women on a Beach, This Christian Got a Lesson in Karma

God is Getting in the Way of Defeating COVID

Congratulations, Darwin: Americans Are Finally Embracing Evolution

When Conservative Christians Wore Masks

We Survived the Global Prayer to End Atheism

North Carolina Can't Seem to Fix Its Child Marriage Problem

A Brilliant Sting Exposed the Lies of a "Psychic Medium"

This Theologian Thinks the Bible Can't Be Improved

Naturopathic "Doctor" Arrested for Selling Fake COVID Vaccines and Cards

Vatican Indicts Cardinal Who Embezzled Church Money

Catholics Try to Dodge Blame After Third Mass Grave Uncovered at Cultural Genocide School

Televangelist Jim Bakker Ordered to Refund Orders of His COVID "Cure"

The Supreme Court Hasn't Tilted Left

Student's "Under Allah" Pledge at Graduation Riles Up Conservatives

A Creationist Made an Argument Worse Than the Infamous "Nightmare" Banana

Nuns Who Worked with Mother Teresa Recount Her "Cult" in Podcast Series

The Supreme Court's "Deal" to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Even Franklin Graham Wants You to Get the Vaccine

Atheist Invocations Get "Undone" by Christian Council Members

Josh Duggar Charged with Possession of Materials Depicting Sexual Abuse of Children

Richard Dawkins Tweets Himself Into a Maelstrom

Pat Robertson Made Sense for a Few Minutes

Church Membership is Lower Than Ever!

The Satan Shoes That Predictably Fueled Outrage

Atheist Parent and Child Doxxed After Exposing Proselytizing Teacher

Pagan Ex-Employee Sues Panera Bread for Religious Discrimination

GOP Senator Opposes Voting Rights to Appease the Christian God

Australian Parliament Members Used Prayer Room for Sex

The Man Who Exposed Preachers with Expensive Sneakers Has Revealed Himself

"Sex Addicted" Asian Spa Shooter Attended Evangelical Rehab Clinic

Republicans Won't Rest Until They "Get God Back in School"

Atlanta Shooting Suspect is a Born Again Baptist

Middle Schooler Records Health Teacher Preaching the Bible as Sex Education

Pope Francis Co-Signs Gay Marriage Message: We "Cannot Bless Sin"

Sports Announcer Who Used Racist Slur Says He's Baptist

Church Treasurer Plays Robin Hood with Tithe Money

Women Receives Threatening Letter From Church Over Sinful Lifestyle After Missing Services

Pastor Who Wrongly Prophesied Trump Re-Election Ends Ministry

Pastor: Heaven Lacks Government Regulations so You'll Work Even Harder There!

Preacher Claims Trans Allies are "Controlled by the Devil"

Mormon Lawmaker Opposes Masks Because They Injure "Our Souls"

"S8TAN" License Finally Gets Approved in Alabama

Catholic Diocese Discourages Use of "Morally Compromised" J&J Vaccine

Sexist Pastor Shames Women for Weight Gain After Marriage

Heavy Metal Musician Fights Poland Blasphemy Laws

Bishop Calls Atheism the "Root of Our Problems"

Southern Baptist Leader: "God Has Not Called Us to Save America"

Kids Expelled From Catholic School Because Mom has OnlyFans Account

Creationist Says $3 Billion Mars Mission Should Have Been Spent Disproving Evolution

FOX News: Cancel Culture is Coming for Bible Characters

President Biden Knows He Doesn't Exist

Prayers Didn't Cure Rush Limbaugh's Cancer

Republican Who Voted to Impeach Trump "Disappointed God"

An Openly Gay Atheist is Running for Pennsylvania Lt. Governor

Investigation Finds Ravi Zacharias Was a Habitual Sex Abuser

Dave Ramsey Doesn't Believe in Stimulus Checks for the Poor

Christian Prophets Are Sounding Off on the Second Coming of Trump

Islamic Cleric Spreads Lie that COVID Vaccine Turns People Gay

Bruce Springsteen Wants You to Buy a Jeep and Drive it to a Church in Kansas

Arkansas Law Forces Women Seeking Abortion to Call "Pro-Life" Hotline

Anti-Gay Activist Equates Kamala Harris to "Whore of Babylon"

Black Pastor Receives Racist Letter for Calling Out Denial of Systemic Racism

Priest Gets Backlash for Calling Out Hypocrisy of "Pro-Life" Christians

Pharmacist Who Destroyed Vaccines Believes the Sky is a Shield from God

An Arkansas Bill Would Let Churches Hold Super-Spreader Events in a Pandemic

Christian School Kicks Out Child with Same-Sex Crush

Satanists Take Boston to Court Over Invocation Exclusion

Amazon Deletes Pro-LGBTQ Christian's Book Reviews of Anti-LGBTQ Books

Bomb Set Off at Church of Hate-Preacher

Arizona GOP Bill Seeks to Make Abortion Punishable by Death

Hey, Joe Biden, Don't Forget About Us

Atheists Give Parting Gift of Lawsuits to Trump Administration

Catholic Priest, Who Didn't Speak Out Against Trump, Tells Church "I Have Failed You."

Christian Terrorists Pray in House Chambers, Thank God for Allowing Attack

A National Hymn Would Create Religious Divisions

George W. Bush's Spiritual Adviser Imprisoned for Fraud

After Impeachment #2, Will Evangelicals Back Away from Trump?

Decades of Cruelty in Irish Catholic Church-Run Homes Led to 9,000 Dead Children

Illinois Congresswoman Quotes Hitler in Speech

MyPillow CEO: "Trump's Our President for the Next Four Years"

Conservatives Blame Everyone but Trump Supporters for Capitol Attack

Former Christian Lawmaker Among Capitol Terrorists

Republicans Can't Even Handle a Punny Joke During a Prayer

Atheist Activist Zara Kay Was Charged with Blasphemy

Christians Plan to Walk in Circles Around the Capitol to Overturn the Election... Again

Pastor Mocks "Weak" Church Member Who Died of COVID