Sitemap - 2023 - Friendly Atheist

Oklahoma GOP lawmaker files bill forcing Ten Commandments in every classroom

Lying Republican says New York bill would force Chick-fil-A to stay open on Sundays

Christians are mad that a Christian magazine (correctly) said Jesus was Asian

After the Covenant shooting, why do Christians think GOP lawmakers will listen to them?

Tennessee school settles lawsuit with Christian student punished for wearing anti-gay shirt

To block Satanic invocations, Alaska borough adopts pro-Christian prayer policy

Alabama school to churches: Donate snacks for our wrestlers and we'll let you preach to them!

Christian parents sue Michigan school district for respecting the humanity of their trans son

An all-female Catholic college will no longer admit trans women after right-wing outrage

Here's why Speaker Mike Johnson's attendance at a "Purity Ball" is so damn disturbing

Iowa district rejects ministry's offer to buy vacant building and launch Christian school

The Catholic Church, which is still anti-LGBTQ, will let priests bless same-sex couples

A Kansas teen is trying to launch the first high school Satan Club in the country

Conservatives can't handle the existence of an After School Satan Club in Tennessee

Nativity scene returns outside the Toledo, Iowa fire department... with two new additions

The ACLU made a critical error in defending Christian pseudo-historian David Barton

BREAKING: Christian zealot vandalizes Satanic display in Iowa Capitol

The Mormon Church is buying up acre after acre of Nebraska

Conservatives can't handle The Satanic Temple's harmless display in Iowa's Capitol

Officials in Toledo, Iowa think their public Nativity display is legal. They're wrong.

Preacher defends criminally charged colleague, saying critics will be "sniped and taken out"

Denmark reinstates blasphemy law, criminalizing the burning of holy books

Speaker Mike Johnson says God told him, in late-night hallucinations, that he was Moses

The theme of this public school marching band's halftime show? A Christian Tent Revival.

The Mormon Church refused to help a sex abuse survivor, then paid her to destroy evidence

Oklahoma Senate candidate: Parents who use IVF are “waging an assault against God”

An all-female Catholic college will admit trans women. Bigots can't handle it.

Kirk Cameron wants schools to ditch Scholastic book fairs for a right-wing alternative

After ending daily prayers over the intercom, an Oklahoma public school may restart them

Rep. Maxwell Frost, a Florida Democrat, has joined the Congressional Freethought Caucus

An unregulated Louisiana group for Christian homeschoolers sells diplomas for $465

Oregon is paying millions to an unlicensed Christian ministry to care for foster kids

Anger over Sabrina Carpenter's music video reveals the Catholic Church's broken priorities

Christian college president: Sorry I let a man with long hair present at a Creationism seminar

This anonymous Christian dad proudly refuses to love his transgender daughter

Facing lawsuits, Archdiocese of Washington challenges law empowering abuse survivors

"Let Us Prey" exposes abuse in Independent Fundamental Baptist churches

Christian school sues Vermont officials after facing consequences for anti-trans bigotry

More congregations are ditching the United Methodist Church over an LGBTQ schism

After lawsuit, South Carolina will no longer give $1,500,000 to Christian school

After promoting a mass baptism, a Georgia football coach was fired... for unrelated reasons

A teenager created a Prayer Mirror in her high school's bathroom. It needs to come down.

PA school district must pay Satanists $200,000 after lawsuit over After School Satan Club

Federal judge: Atheist parolee jailed for rejecting Bible study can seek financial damages

WV prison finally releases atheist inmate denied parole for refusing to profess Christianity

A Christian dad claims his gay daughter's counselor interfered with their anti-gay bigotry

A Christian singer disobeyed a flight attendant, sang on a plane, then acted like a victim

A Florida church refused to rent space to a mom who conceived her kids through IVF

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Christian now. Good luck figuring out why.

Wisconsin GOP passes amendment to ban church closures during future pandemics

AZ judge tosses out child abuse lawsuit against Mormon Church, citing "clergy-penitent" rule

The story of a homeless man who stole Sean Feucht's guitar, then found God, is a lie

To protest a Texas university's anti-drag president, Andrew Seidel spoke there in drag

Democrats re-introduce bill cracking down on Christian "health care sharing ministries"

Atheist will endow "Secular Studies" chair at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Speaker Mike Johnson's use of "Covenant Eyes" is even worse than it looks

After being humiliated on a conservative website, drag-wearing pastor dies of suicide

A Tennessee high school let a Christian preacher lead the basketball team in foot-washing

Does this drag-loving, trans-pretending Baptist pastor deserve to be outed?

The nation's largest Christian university just got fined $38 million for lying about tuition costs

Speaker Mike Johnson's "covenant marriage" doesn't make it more meaningful

Texas Supreme Court to decide if a judge can be punished for refusing to marry gay couples

After forcing kids to attend religious revival, WV school district settles case for $175,000

The Southern Baptist Convention is still fighting against victims of sexual abuse

How did Speaker Mike Johnson, the embodiment of Christian Nationalism, escape scrutiny?

Rep. Maxwell Frost calls out "racist, violent, and dangerous" Christian Nationalism

GOP bigot helps sink Rep. Tom Emmer's Speaker bid: He needs to "get right with Jesus"

Donald Trump: I'll block immigrants who "don’t like our religion" from entering the U.S.

Preacher who lied about military service plans to open "Christian Military Academy"

Oklahoma Attorney General files lawsuit to block taxpayer-funded Catholic charter school

GOP congressman falsely claims the Bible was "banned from all of us" in 1963

Judge rules (again) that teaching Islam in school doesn't violate the Constitution

Rep. Robert Garcia, a California Democrat, has joined the Congressional Freethought Caucus

Pennsylvania lawmaker cites Genesis 8 as proof that climate change is fake

Atheist reminds Democratic leaders: We "are the party of religious freedom"

A Pennsylvania police chief told a tarot card reader they could be jailed under the law

Let's go through the Book of Revelation...

Oklahoma education leader claims church/state separation is "state-sponsored atheism"

When it comes to accepting climate change, white evangelicals lag far behind

Asian Americans are drifting away from organized religion, new survey reveals

UPDATE: After pushing Bible on dancing teen, Louisiana public school principal takes leave of absence

Poland's census just revealed a massive drop in Catholicism

Report: Arkansas voucher program gives millions of public dollars to private Christian schools

Candidate sues New Jersey over "So help me God" in oath for public office

Citing the Bible, a principal punished a star student over a Homecoming afterparty dance

Christian school forfeits football game against team with girls on the roster (again)

Christian hate-preacher Steven Anderson has an even more hateful son

North Dakota GOP lawmaker Brandon Prichard goes on theocratic, homophobic tirade

Project 2025: A Christian Nationalist fever dream that would destroy American democracy

"Savior Complex" explores the dark side of an infamous Christian missionary in Uganda

Christian Mom lashes out at "PAW Patrol" for introducing non-binary character

With more abuse lawsuits on the horizon, Archdiocese of Baltimore declares bankruptcy

A majority of GOP voters seriously think Donald Trump is a "person of faith"

Arizona school board member sues district for not letting her quote Bible at meetings

NASA's new policy chief took her oath on a copy of Carl Sagan's "Contact"

Kevin Sorbo doesn't want anyone to say his anti-trans children's book is anti-trans

Christian couple who ran traveling ministry arrested for crimes against children

Former Southern Baptist leader: My sexual misconduct is "nobody else's business"

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Alabama's governor defends religious coercion by Auburn U. coaches

Lawsuit: Louisiana students were tricked into going to church instead of a college fair

After teen's petition, a Minnesota school district will stop holding graduation in a megachurch

Rep. Greg Casar, a Texas Democrat, has joined the Congressional Freethought Caucus

A professional singer was fired for criticizing the Cleveland Diocese's anti-LGBTQ policies

Even the Mormon Church wants nothing to do with Tim Ballard anymore

Letter suggests Pope Pius XII knew about Nazi atrocities but remained on the sidelines

For State House, Louisiana GOP endorses Christian pastor charged with child cruelty

Christian bigot Kim Davis owes $100,000 to the gay men whose marriage license she denied

Florida continues to promote a Christian-approved alternative to the SAT

Idaho library board chair demands Sunday closures to "keep the Sabbath day holy"

A misleading survey suggests Christians are more tolerant of free speech than atheists

A preacher urged his church to donate $3 million. Then he changed his story.

Baptist pastor falsely claims autism is demonic: "My God doesn't make junk"

Former American Family Association VP sues AFA for same-sex sexual harassment

Of course Christian pastors are struggling to find their successors

Joe Kennedy, the praying football coach, quit because the athletes never mattered to him

A dinosaur denier interviewed a dinosaur liar. Now my head hurts.

A California megachurch took over Chino Valley public schools, creating chaos (again)

A Christian group is blocking access to a Jersey Shore beach on Sunday mornings

Bremerton's praying football coach got what he wanted, so now he may quit for good

Christian liar David Barton: Democrats aren't "God-fearing," so they cheat in elections

Religious chaplains are begging Texas schools not to hire religious chaplains

Christian boarding school that abused dozens of kids settles lawsuits for $100 million

CA school board leader condemned over calls for "Christ centered" parents on committees

A modern blasphemy law: Denmark may criminalize burning holy books in public spaces

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After inviting food carts on property, Vancouver church hits owners with $45,000 bill

Massachusetts rejected would-be foster parents because of their bigotry, not their Catholic faith

A Christian mob invaded an Appalachian artists' retreat because of an "Om" symbol in the chapel

Spokane mayor condemned over prayer event with Christian Nationalist and domestic terrorist

Denver Archdiocese sues over free pre-K: The state's bigotry ban hurts our bottom line!

Irony alert: Catholic website quizzes readers on whether they can "recognize superstition"

Creationist Ken Ham's potential successor? A fellow conspiracy theorist from Australia

Dept. of Ed.: Baylor U. is exempt from protecting LGBTQ students from faith-based harassment

The guy who said evangelicals today see Jesus as "weak" is part of the problem

After legal setback, Fort Worth atheists plan "banner walk" to promote event

TN's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives will get $1.2 million. To do what? Who knows.

GOP lawmakers cited Noah's Ark to justify harming refugees with circular saw blades

Rep. Matt Gaetz's "Prayer in School" bill is an unconstitutional hot mess

A pastor surrounded by jumbotrons is mad that people treat church like a "big production"

An Arkansas lawmaker's wife is swapping pro-LGBTQ books with bibles in Little Free Libraries

Texas judge: Airline must get religious freedom training from Christian hate group

Evangelist Franklin Graham is glad the U.S. women's soccer team lost the World Cup

California county adopts error-laden "American Christian History Month" proclamation

Ark Encounter attendance improved slightly in June

Desperate to show Democrats are "promoting atheism," Republicans divulged sensitive data

Christian-owned company will pay $50,000 to settle religious discrimination lawsuit

A lawsuit could block Oklahoma's taxpayer-funded Catholic charter school

A Catholic school expelled a boy to retaliate against his outspoken mother

Richard Dawkins used his new podcast to promote more transphobic lies

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The #1 Christian album in the country right now belongs to drag queen Flamy Grant

A Texas district called for 22 days of prayer to launch the new school year

A Bible-quoting mechanic took clients' cash, then disappeared without finishing the jobs

For absurd reasons, MAGA cultists think FOX News supports The Satanic Temple

Does Vivek Ramaswamy's Hinduism really matter to GOP voters?

Christian hate-preacher: Even if your husband's an axe murderer, "you cannot divorce him"

Ark Encounter attendance improved slightly in May

Two more House Democrats have (quietly) joined the Congressional Freethought Caucus

These Christians took preacher Robin D. Bullock seriously. Now they're screwed.

Survey: Belief in God, Heaven, Hell, angels, and the devil is lower than ever before

Judge: WV prison officials can't force an atheist inmate to profess Christianity

Texas atheists sue Fort Worth for rejecting ads for event opposing Christian Nationalism

Church attendance in the U.S. is still dropping (and it's not COVID's fault)

Don't believe the lie that growing megachurches tend to avoid politics

An Alabama church's $4.5 million "pastoral recovery center" raises so many red flags

Michigan salon owner: I won't service trans people; they can go to a "pet groomer"

In pro-gun resolution, Wisconsin county blames violence on "lack of faith"

Michigan school district will get rid of health center after "Satanic" mural controversy

Why is the New York Times glorifying the career of lifelong charlatan Uri Geller?

Will the Ten Commandments monument outside the Arkansas Capitol finally come down?

Christians held a concert in Indiana's Capitol. A similar request by Satanists was rejected.

Josh Hawley lied about America democracy to promote Christian theocracy

What should Sweden be doing after a man burned a Qur'an?

Faith "switching": Religions are leaking members and can't plug the holes fast enough

Insurers are avoiding Australia's Anglican schools due to child sex abuse risks

Sarah Huckabee Sanders flips out over request to remove Cross drawing at Governor's Mansion

Protecting abortion rights is a critical issue for Secular Americans. Will Democrats care?

Mormon parents sued a school district after their son had sex in the parking lot

Is the Supreme Court case involving a bigoted Christian web designer built on a lie?

A Giant Christian Cross was finally removed from California's Albany Hill Park

Josh Duggar's father-in-law delivered a racist sermon praising Christian slaveowners

GOP congressman targets church/state separation group with defense bill amendment

A shocking revelation: In Colorado, nearly 1 in 4 state lawmakers are non-religious

Christian evangelist: I helped a woman grow an inch taller instantaneously!

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A Catholic priest forgot how to count. Now the Church is celebrating a "Eucharistic miracle."

A restaurant allegedly had employees confess their work-related sins to a fake priest

At 14, she was "betrothed" to her pastor. She's finally sharing her side of the story.

Survey: In the U.K., belief in God has finally dipped below 50%

Stop overreacting about Jeopardy! players missing a clue about the Lord's Prayer

Ark Encounter attendance improved slightly in April

U.S. bishops are about to block trans-affirming care at Catholic hospitals

The Catholic Church in Kansas City used the wrong wine... and broke the religion

After complaints from Christians, Poland's 666 bus to Hel will cease to exist

Utah Republicans are furious schools banned the Bible to comply with their book-banning law

A South Carolina school board's "moment of silence" has been hijacked by Christians

Most Christian pastors use armed church members to thwart a possible mass shooting

A Minnesota teen is calling on his school district to stop holding graduation in a megachurch

What we can learn from the disgraceful life of Pat Robertson

The L.A. Dodgers never should've caved when honoring the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

If Louisiana makes classrooms display "In God We Trust," this atheist will donate Arabic signs

"Shiny Happy People": Come for the Duggars, Stay for the Fundie Christian takedown

Oklahoma just approved a taxpayer-funded Catholic charter school

One theory for why "non-churchgoers now rule the GOP"

To comply with Utah's book banning law, a school district removed the KJV Bible

Christians are furious over a tiny Pride flag on the set of a show about Jesus

Two Christian schools sue Minnesota for cutting them out of a taxpayer-funded program

How Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) denies science and cheats students

The 3 lies that convinced two conservative Christians to stop home-schooling their kids

GOP bill would force Michigan schools to teach "Christian foundations" of U.S.

The Church dismissed sex abuse allegations against a priest. Now there are six more victims.

Catholics are flocking to Missouri to catch a glimpse of a dead nun’s corpse

Pastor charged with four counts of child cruelty announces bid for Louisiana House

Why did a Florida county honor Christian conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne?

These are the pro-shunning videos the Jehovah's Witnesses don't want you to see

The damning revelations about sex abuse in the Catholic Church of Illinois

Satanist sues Chicago for ignoring his "Hail Satan" invocation request

New Florida law allows 4 minutes of loudspeaker prayers at high school playoff games

A Christian school fired two staffers for including their pronouns in emails

Ark Encounter attendance improved slightly in March

Even the most dedicated Catholics are walking away from Church services

Hate-preacher: Parents who let trans kids get surgery should be "shot in the back of the head"

On "60 Minutes," a Mormon bishop wouldn't explain the LDS Church's $100,000,000,000 stash

This atheist's kids filmed their bus driver preaching on the way to school

A church in Norwich, Ontario pressured businesses to close on Sundays... or else

Christian "prophet": Climate change is God's way of pointing us to Bible verses

Southern Baptists had the biggest drop in membership in over 100 years... AGAIN!

Conservative Christians took over a Colorado school district. Now they're destroying it.

Expelled Texas lawmaker Bryan Slaton is Exhibit A for conservative Christian hypocrisy

Christian Nationalists are embracing the Christian Nationalist label

A pseudo-patriotic celebration for Utah public schools also promotes Christianity

Texas churches gave $800 to a city council candidate, violating IRS rules

School board candidate withdraws from race after Christian Nationalist ties exposed

Mississippi's new license plates get rid of "In God We Trust"

A Texas Democrat dismantled the case for putting the Ten Commandments in schools

Baptist missionary convicted of sexual abuse after giving 4-y.o. victim gonorrhea

Christian "revival" wouldn't solve America's gun problem. It would make things worse.

Judge orders PA school district to allow After School Satan Club meetings

This is a horrible way to offer an alternative to Bible class in Ohio schools

Kansas lawmaker to non-Christian constituents: I'll "try and convert you"

Christian minister to Ohio lawmakers: Trans rights supporters are "possessed by demons"

An Arizona lawmaker was right to move Bibles from a State House lounge

The Kenyan starvation cult case is tragic. It's also all too familiar.

Christian school bans student from prom for wearing suit instead of dress

How the beliefs of an exorcism-obsessed Australian church led to a deadly crash

Federal judge: Mississippi must allow religious exemptions for vaccine deniers

Minneapolis will let Muslims amplify calls to prayer at all hours. It's a mistake.

Christian missionaries can no longer preach to kids in an Oklahoma school district

Most Americans agree: You don't need God to be good

These Christians taught themselves about sex in the worst possible way

The Supreme Court could let religious employees wreak havoc in the workplace

Wisconsin AG charges ex-Cardinal McCarrick with fourth-degree sexual assault

Judge orders CA church that ignored COVID restrictions to pay $1.2 million in fines

Arizona Supreme Court: Mormon leaders don't have to report confessions of abuse

Will a city council candidate's old tweets about atheism hurt his election chances?

Anti-trans Christian lawmaker says it's okay for 12-year-olds to get married

Survey: U.S. Latinos are ditching Catholicism and becoming "Nones"

Christian teacher demands VA school district let her write "John 3:16" in emails

Oklahoma rejects taxpayer-funded Catholic school... for now

The Dalai Lama asked a child to suck his tongue. His apology didn't help.

Grand jury won't charge preacher Perry Stone in sexual misconduct case... yet

Christian TV network airs sermons from child predator and cult leader Tony Alamo

The joy of seeing a NASA official swear her oath on Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot"

Anti-LGBTQ Christian mom sues Oregon for rejecting her request to adopt kids

Nearly half of Gen Z, born after 1996, has no religious affiliation whatsoever

Atheist sues Wyoming city for $24 million over its religious invocations

Maryland AG releases report on Catholic clergy abuse in Baltimore Archdiocese

Religious jurors punish defendants who don't swear to God to tell the truth

Texas bills would force classrooms to display the Ten Commandments (KJV edition)

Texas lawmakers want to replace trained school counselors with untrained chaplains

Atheists sue WV prison officials for forcing some inmates to profess Christianity

Before pivotal election, WI priest tells church, "do not vote" for Janet Protasiewicz

Ark Encounter had record attendance in February

Lawsuit says megachurch forced employees to tithe 10% of each paycheck

ACLU sues school district that banned After School Satan Club meetings

Despite Supreme Court win, Maine church sues to maintain taxpayer-funding bigotry

Nebraska school revamps security after uninvited preacher evangelizes in cafeteria

The Covenant School tragedy shows how more prayers will never stop gun violence

For Women's History Month, a TN police department shared Bible verses

A priest was punished for saying clergy should report sex abuse confessions

Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke sued for repeated zoning violations

After Utah lawmakers allowed book banning, one parent went after the Bible

Florida principal ousted after students see image of Michelangelo’s "David"

Tennessee moves to add "In God We Trust" to its Great Seal

Citing his faith, Texas university president cancels drag show fundraiser

Christian group falsely claims The Satanic Temple offers adult content to kids

Colorado bill would make Catholic hospitals say what services they don't provide

Texas lawmakers file "wildly dangerous" bills to destroy church/state separation

This Christian claims her three amputated toes were regrown during a prayer service

A Christian ministry trademarked the phrase "Worship Leader," creating mass chaos

Kirk Cameron and his buddies harassed a TN library until its director got fired

Christian school banned from league for refusing to play against trans athlete

Americans still view atheists unfavorably (but there's good news!)

Christian lawmaker cites Bible to defend hitting special needs students

An infamous article linking homosexuality with molestation got its own data wrong

This editorial defending Coach Deion Sanders' prayers is a massive fumble

Santa Rosa diocese files for bankruptcy after "staggering" number of sex abuse claims

Teen sues SC school district after teacher assaults her for not saying Pledge

Ignoring predators, a Catholic group used technology to spy on gay priests

TN bill would let clerks deny marriage licenses to gay or interracial couples

Catholic Charities employee sues over realistic, traumatic "active shooter drill"

Parents disrupt Catholic school board meeting to condemn "Safe Space" stickers

BREAKING: The Supreme Court won't weigh in on a police-led Christian prayer vigil... yet

Arizona school board rightly ends contract with anti-LGBTQ Christian college

Why is a taxpayer-funded tourism group in Kentucky promoting Creationism?

Texas bill would allow "prayer and Bible reading on each school day"

"Be fruitful and multiply": TX bill cuts property taxes for couples with 10 kids

A pastor compared honeymoon sex to how "Christ penetrates his church"

Attendance in religious education classes in Victoria (Australia) has dropped 99%

Why is NYC Mayor Eric Adams repeating Christian Nationalist rhetoric?

Christian hate-preacher: "We have to eliminate" gay and Jewish people

Defrocked priest Frank Pavone now faces multiple sexual misconduct allegations

Montana lawmaker files bill allowing prayer at school-sponsored events

Christians who went to the Asbury "revival" may have been exposed to measles

Banning "After School Satan" clubs after anonymous threats makes things worse

Ark Encounter ticket sales rose a bit in January

Oklahoma education leader takes steps to bring Christianity to public schools

Hate-preacher: Gays should be executed with stones "melted down into a bullet"

Arizona House GOP passes bill forcing kids to say Pledge in school

Miami Beach officials are considering a $25,000 grant for a Jewish temple

Nebraska lawmaker slams Christian Nationalists for ignoring Jesus when they vote

The Southern Baptist Convention's move to expel Saddleback Church will backfire

Feds fine Mormon Church $5 million over scheme to hide $32 billion in assets

Feds shut down Christian "health share" ministry that stole millions from clients

Florida's "Christian" alternative to the SAT won't help students

Most Republicans want the government to declare America a "Christian Nation"

Did a pastor really die attempting a 40-day Jesus fast?

A victim of the "Satanic Panic," Melvin Quinney has finally been exonerated

West Virginia lawmakers file bill allowing "Intelligent Design" in classrooms

After battles over the Pledge, a humanist school board member has resigned

Nikki Haley kicked off her 2024 campaign with a prayer from an extremist pastor

MN lawmaker: Schools must say sickness is a "consequence imposed by the Creator"

A Christian school canceled a concert after learning one of the singers is gay

A pastor was arrested for soliciting sex from a child. Then the politics kicked in.

Scamvangelist Andrew Wommack: God pays me $11,000/hour. Now give me more cash.

White evangelicals desperately want their kids to have the same faith

Christian hate-preacher: I pray that gay people "have a slow, painful death"

After affirming LGBTQ people, a Christian school lost donors and will shut down

An atheist Republican is back in the New Hampshire legislature

Democrats just passed a resolution condemning "white religious nationalism"

Local leaders in Victoria (Australia) want to end Christian prayers at meetings

WEEK IN REVIEW: Montana vs. Scientific Theories

Oklahoma GOP tries (again) to force Christian Nationalism into public schools

Christian hate-preacher claims no gay people "should be able to breathe air"

Satanists are opening an abortion clinic. It's named after Sam Alito's Mom.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Jim Breuer has given up on comedy

WEEK IN REVIEW: Can Idaho's "Faith-Healing" Laws Be Fixed?

Ark Encounter ticket sales dipped in December

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Pandemic Ruined Church Attendance

Virtual Open House with Hemant

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Religious Response to Damar Hamlin's Injury

The Religious Makeup of the 118th Congress (now, finally, with a "Humanist")

The $100,000,000 "He Gets Us" ad campaign for Jesus still doesn't get it

The Jehovah's Witnesses are no longer a "religious community" in Norway