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"Good Christian" Auto Shop Owner Uses Racist Slur in Ad

"Menstruatin' for Satan" Charity Drive Ruins Christian "Foodies" Appetites

Franklin Graham Declares LGBTQ Bigotry Top Voting Issue in Georgia Run-Off

God Didn't Create the Vaccines, So Don't Give Him Credit

Pence Mocks Democrats for Wanting to Make "Poor People More Comfortable"

Judge to Church: "The Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact"

Christians Storm Native American Burial Site to Pray Away "Dark Energy"

Pat Robertson to Trump: "It's Time to Move On"

North Carolina Church Gives Out 75+ COVID Cases at Christmas Celebration

Russian Jehovah's Witness Given 6-Year Prison Sentence for Hosting Small Gathering in 2018

Denny's Waitress Walks Out When Diners Claim "Religious Exemption" From Wearing Masks

Joel Osteen's Church Raked in $4.4 Million in PPP Loans

A Soccer Player Was Suspended for Hurting God's Feelings.

Christian Activist Wants Groups of Protesters to Enter Businesses Without Masks

Pastor Who Can't Explain Pandemics Denies We're in a Pandemic

Christian Mom Boycotts Ritz Crackers' "Transgender Agenda"

God "Blessed" Church With COVID Outbreak, says Pastor

An Anti-Blasphemy Resolution Passed the House with Bipartisan Support

Mystery Monolith Vandalized and Replaced With Cross

Anti-LGBTQ Politician Busted at Gay Sex Party

Abortion Protestor Gets Verbally Flayed by Clinic Escort

Evangelist: Be Loyal to God, Reject Election Results

Pastor Believes Atheists will Convert When Election is Overturned

Idaho Republican Wants to Waste Tax Dollars on "Disinfecting Cubes"

How Geocentrists Tricked Physicists into Starring in Their Documentary

Greg Locke's "Large Rally" Against COVID Restrictions Was a Flop

Bishop Warns Against "Morally Unacceptable" COVID Vaccine

Survey Shows FOX News Breeds Victimhood for White Christians

Pastor Warns COVID Vaccine Will Remove God From Your DNA

Melissa McCarthy Apologizes for Donating to Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBTQ Group

Creationist Says God Gave Us Nasal Bones to Hold Up Glasses

Pastors Who Spent 15 Days in Hospital with COVID Gives Credit to Jesus "Vaccine"

SCOTUS Justice Alito Gives Partisan Speech for Federalist Society

Did You Make a "Covenant with Death" When You Voted?

Black Republican Atheist Councilman Arrested on Bribery Charges

Arkansas Police Chief Posts "Death to All" Democrats on Parler

This Televangelist's Laugh Will Haunt Your Dreams

Conservative Christians Are Praying to Change the Election Outcome

Hipster Pastor Fired for "Moral Failures"

Paula White Called in "Angelic Reinforcement" To Boost Trump

"Prayer Costs Women $1,734 Annually," Say Researchers

Women Did Not Fight So Their Husbands Could Have Two Votes

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is Suing Liberty U. to Restore a Reputation He Never Had

Religiously Unaffiliated Voters Could Be the MVPs of Next Week's Election

Borat 2 "Star" Prayed for a Year Before Learning Film Was a Joke

Thousands of Witches Cast a Spell on Trump

Catholic Leaders Disagree with Pope's Support of Civil Unions

Super-Spreader Worship Concert Planned for National Mall

The Amazing Randi Did His Job. Now It's Up to Us.

Televangelist: If Biden Wins, "Perverse Sex" with Cows will Ensue

Why Is the Pope Holding Up Baby Yoda?

Trump is Literally Sharing Fake News (Because He Thinks It's Real)

Earth is a "Disposable Planet" to Christian Climate Deniers

Algerian Protester Arrested Over Ripped Qur'an Page

This is the Least Worst Catholic Sex Scandal Ever

The Satanic Temple Fights for Ritual Abortion at SCOTUS

Marriage Equality is on Shaky Ground at the Supreme Court

Why Won't Alabama Let Atheists Vote?

The Preacher Who Can't Handle Starbucks Cups is Starting a Church

The Launch of Humanists for Biden

Religious Affiliation: "??????"

Siberian Jesus Arrested for Abusing Cult Members

Hobby Lobby Knows Its Customers

When It Comes to COVID, Do the Opposite of What These Pastors Tell You

Reality Just Endorsed a Candidate

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