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WEEK IN REVIEW: A Christian Hate-Preacher Can’t Get a Lease

WEEK IN REVIEW: Backlash after challenging Christian prayers and the Pledge

Ark Encounter ticket sales dipped in November

WEEK IN REVIEW: Why do Uber and Lyft let drivers proselytize?

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Club Q tragedy and the Christian aftermath

WEEK IN REVIEW: YouTube finally banned Greg Locke

Ark Encounter ticket sales grew slightly in October

WEEK IN REVIEW: The growth of the godless caucus

WEEK IN REVIEW: The IRS isn't investigating churches

WEEK IN REVIEW: How Many Houses Did Jesus Have?

WEEK IN REVIEW: Greg Locke's Next Book Burning

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales grew slightly in September

WEEK IN REVIEW: Southern Baptist cruelty spotlighted on "60 Minutes"

WEEK IN REVIEW: Herschel Walker's Abortion Hypocrisy

WEEK IN REVIEW: Christian homework in a bathtub

WEEK IN REVIEW: Where did Joe Kennedy go?

WEEK IN REVIEW: America's future is a lot less Christian

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales dipped slightly in August

WEEK IN REVIEW: Britney Spears is an Atheist, Y'all

WEEK IN REVIEW: "Unwise" DMs from a Christian leader

WEEK IN REVIEW: This Arabic "In God We Trust" sign is messing with Texas

WEEK IN REVIEW: The attack on Salman Rushdie

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Fell Quite a Bit in July

Virtual Open House with Hemant

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Illegal, Christian "Hamilton" Saga

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Mormon "Help Line" that buries abuse allegations

WEEK IN REVIEW: How is Ted Haggard back in the news?!

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Slightly Fell in June

WEEK IN REVIEW: The hate-preachers are getting nervous...

WEEK IN REVIEW: Condemning bigotry isn't Christian persecution

WEEK IN REVIEW: Florida's blueprint for spreading Christian Nationalism

WEEK IN REVIEW: Roe-verturned

Virtual Open House with Hemant (June Edition) (CORRECTED)

Virtual Open House with Hemant (June Edition)

WEEK IN REVIEW: Goodbye, church/state separation

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Slightly Improved in May

WEEK IN REVIEW: A major drop in God-belief

WEEK IN REVIEW: The worst Pride Month sermon ever

WEEK IN REVIEW: Richard Dawkins and the atheist "schism"

WEEK IN REVIEW: It Wasn't "Adultery." It Was Abuse.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Greg Locke's political risk

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Slightly Improved in April

WEEK IN REVIEW: "Christ will reign" in Idaho, says religious extremist candidate

Week in Review: The Supreme Court gave more gifts to the Christian Right

WEEK IN REVIEW: Christians "vandalized" their own billboards

WEEK IN REVIEW: They sing with no self-awareness

WEEK IN REVIEW: A Cop's baptized a woman against her will... then things got worse

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Slightly Improved in March

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Plagiarized Pledge of Allegiance

WEEK IN REVIEW: Will Smith's faith-based defense of The Slap made things worse

WEEK IN REVIEW: Sen. Lindsey Graham failed to expose a religious double-standard

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Went Down in February

WEEK IN REVIEW: Why are there still apes?

WEEK IN REVIEW: The word “Creator” is not in the U.S. Constitution

WEEK IN REVIEW: How many atheists are in prison?

WEEK IN REVIEW: Most Americans now have some doubts about God's existence

Ark Encounter Ticket Sales Went Down in January

WEEK IN REVIEW: Greg Locke's Literal Witch Hunt

WEEK IN REVIEW: These evangelicals aren't actually dissenting

WEEK IN REVIEW: Why are Democrats still participating in the National Prayer Breakfast?

WEEK IN REVIEW: Jerry Falwell, Jr. says he's not a "religious person"

WEEK IN REVIEW: Lawsuits galore and a fistful of saliva

Neil Gorsuch's Reference to "So-Called" Church/State Separation is a Bad Omen

California sues Christian "health care sharing ministry" for preying on consumers

Pastor Mike Todd Smeared Three Wads of Spit on Brother's Face... Because Jesus

Proposed Iowa Law Would Make Teachers Stand and Say the Pledge of Allegiance... or Be Fired

Supreme Court to Decide Case of WA Football Coach Fired Over Public Prayers

WEEK IN REVIEW: Jesus loved greedy landlords, says greedy landlord

Christians Protested a Harmless Meeting of an "After School Satan" Club

Why is a Once-Prominent Atheist Selling a Meme He Doesn't Own?

A Major Evangelical Church-Planting Leader Still Doesn't Know How to Handle Abuse

A Widow Left Her $2 Million Estate to an Alleged Predator Priest

"Financial Guru" Dave Ramsey to Landlord: Raising Rent Doesn't Make You a "Bad Christian"

Christian Mom: Hilton Ad Promotes “Perversion” By Showing Gay Men with a Child

Oklahoma Attorney General: "Godless America" Needs a God-based Justice System

Woman Says Bible-Believing Former MI GOP Leader Raped Her When She Was 15

WEEK IN REVIEW: The Fundamentalists Are Telling on Themselves

Christian Conspiracist: Accepting Faith-Healing Will Make Hospitals Obsolete

A Denver Megachurch is Selling Its Building and Going Virtual Due to the Pandemic

A Proposed Oklahoma Law Would Allow Preachers and the KJV Bible in Public Schools

Baptist Pastor: Marriage Isn't About Being Happy

A Pastor Raped, Impregnated, and Married a Child; The Victim is Now Speaking Out