OT- Turns out the Club Q killer ran a neo-Nazi website, among other things: https://apnews.com/article/colorado-springs-crime-hate-crimes-d2379dce03c66ea3bc0faa2c5ffb7c21

This is my surprised face. Honest. It's totally a coincidence that it looks exactly like my done-with-this-shit face.

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What if they use flying spaghetti to make the magic boundary?

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It never ceases to amaze – and in fact amuse – me that people think that they're all powerful God somehow can't see through a ridiculous trick. I mean way back in mediaeval times your average peasant thought you could bargain with an even trick the devil, but this is the 21st century – although perhaps not for Orthodox Jews. I'm not up on the distinctions though, are these the guys that where the funny hats and homeschool their kids?

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Person. Man. Woman. Camera. TV.


And he knows what an elephant looks like! Stable genius, folks!

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To me it depends on how other religious and non religious people get to use the public grounds where these poles for the eruv are errected. As long as other religious groups can use the public grounds for their idiotic religious rituals. (e.g if the strings were tied to festivus poles)

Public infrastructure used for only one religion is wrong, unless infrastructure is made available to all religions. Again, it's all or nothing. Given the quagmire that is religious belief, nothing is the less onerous choice.

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I'm solutions oriented. How about one of these: https://www.nexus.edu.my/sites/default/files/news_events/alyah_social_distance_hat.jpg

Tie a string around the end of the tubes and you have your own little private domain that goes wherever you go. Problem solved.

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Feb 22·edited Feb 22

I don't understand why they can't spend twenty-four fucking hours on their property like their religion tells them to do. WTF‽‽‽ 🙄

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"I know, I know. This is a LOT for one day."

No it's not. This would have been a slow day back on pathoes.

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"PRO LIFE" Republican in action.


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I thought things were looking up a little. Obviously I was wrong.

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This is just so stupid. WITCHES are not real


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I've done it! I've located God! His name is...Stephan Pastis!?!


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What is it with Abrahamic religions bragging about how great their god is yet still have their hands out for that taxpayer $$$?

Let them pray for what they want. Keep their hands off of our wallets. God will provide, right?

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So does that mean before eruv orthodox Jews had to go to the synagogue in their birth day suit ?

Eruv doesn't cause problems for now but will happen if some fanatics decide that non Jews have to follow their religious rules on Shabbath like hasidim Jews do ?

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Feb 23·edited Feb 23

"(Does their God see through that little trick…? Shut up and stop asking questions.)"

It always puzzles me why they go to so much trouble to sneak around so many of their own laws rather than just amend or rescind their laws.

Nevertheless, I have an even better sneak-around: Put up four poles on their own property in a square spanning one square foot, and tie string around them. Then DECLARE EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OF THE STRING AS BEING INSIDE THEIR ERUV. That way the entire world is "surrounded" by their eruv except for that one square foot.


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