It's amazing to me that there are enough people who follow and donate money to charlatans like Kenneth Copeland, Greg Locke, Kat Kerr or Paula White to make them millionaires several times over. I just read that Locke's net worth is a whopping $129 million! Jesus must be rolling over in his tomb!

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Apr 15, 2022·edited Apr 15, 2022

What Dumb Idiot Ham brags about is no different than the time he brags about his website getting his one billionth visitor to his site while being oblivious to the possibility of having his site getting visited by fake bots by the billions - exactly what TFG had on his Twitter account before he got permanently suspended from Twitter!

About Ozzie and the unnamed Nigerian King - I will bet that Dumb Idiot Ham made the whole thing up about these two and other celebrities visiting his junkyard park and museum just to get unwanted attention he and his rundowns don't deserve.

BTW, DIH's bragging about the king sounds like Ham's falling for the infamous Nigerian prince scam emails, don't you think?

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