Conservative Christians are the first people to claim they're being persecuted when ever they're prevented from forcing their beliefs on others. They are also the first people to persecute others given the chance. Cameron, having failed to make the transition from child actor to adult, has staked out a new career as a professional victim. His behavior here is reprehensible, but when people convince themselves they're operating under divine sanction they can justify anything.

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I've had the honor to be married to a librarian for half a century, and there are no more dedicated and constantly beleaguered guardians of free speech and free thought than these underappreciated civil servants. I've never seen them as broadly and viciously attacked as they have been in the last two years. They have been protecting the rights of the public for decades, and now they need and deserve the support and protection of the public in return.

I have come to reeeeaallly hate Kirk Cameron, far beyond the dismissive disdain I used to feel about him. He's a lieutenant in the Christian nationalist army.

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Good librarians are on the front lines defending against the bigotry of the far right. They need all the support we can give.

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While Cameron and his crew haven’t come to my neck of the woods yet, my village is feeling the hatred from the conservative Christian base. This time last year, right before school board elections, there was the litterbox panic from libs of tik tok. Last month, a week before primaries for our village board, there’s a letter on the local Facebook page lying about our library grooming children (I posted it on another article when it happened). Right before the election I found out that one of the candidates for the board wrote it, and after the election I was talking to some friends who saw it but didn’t hear that it was the candidate until after the election. We still have an opportunity to vote against him but I’m afraid it won’t be helpful still. And last year’s school board election was successful in dropping the actual decent progressive board member who had already beat a recall election and is a target from the right wing here.

I’m concerned that we might see Cameron here. And with the shit that’s being spread, we might lose our brand new beautiful library. It would be a waste of village funds along with destroying the benefits any library brings. Fuck these people.

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This borders on straight-up character assassination. I will freely admit it's my hope that Mr. Morales can and will pursue legal remedies for Mr. Cameron's deceptions in this matter, since we all know that Mr. Cameron will continue to do this sort of thing to others so long as he can get away with it.

I would say that harassing a library is a new low, though. I mean, really, when your villain in the narrative is likely a mild-mannered middle-aged adult who spends their time helping people find information, you've got to be desperate. That's the schoolyard bully running screaming to the teacher because he got called a name by another kid. This sort of complete nonsense is why so many people in the US are leaving religion; who would want to be associated with the people who attacked the local library?

Good luck to you, Mr. Morales. I hope you find a just reward for your sacrifice in this matter, and don't let the lies that have been told about you here keep you down.

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Yet more proof that most conservative activists have no idea what their snarl words actually mean. Some PR flack came up with it and they use it without understanding.

*This* is cancel culture.

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"No one should expect better from people famous for their faith-based bigotry. "


They have a bigotry-based faith.

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Repost of their MO:

" Cameron and Robertson deliberately staged their events at public libraries in order to attack public libraries.

They were given a room, for free, to promote their book, and eventually got not just that space but much more, at an event that was so purposely disruptive planning had to include the police and mayor’s office.

They then demand that the library give them, not just that room, but the entire library for the people who came to see them, with Robertson declaring it “rude” to not give them everything.

Eventually, they get their crowd stirred up enough to take over most of the library anyway—to hell with anyone who came there expecting to, you know, use the library.

They then requisition the entire place to shoot a series of commercials, during which they demand that the library staff stay quiet and out of the way.

The library staff tries to let them know that the library has other needs, and that all this is causing stress for workers and patrons. Robertson and Cameron dismiss this as more rudeness.

Robertson then calls Fox News to tell them this story as a tale of how public libraries "which have been known to host drag show events" snubbed all these good Christians who just, you know, wanted to take over their place, use it for their promotional book tour, and shoot a few commercials.

Fox writes this all up as a story of how the library hates Christians, hates their community, and doesn’t want Christian authors to bring family-friendly tales to an adoring audience.

The library, with absolute predictability, receives multiple death threats, bomb threats, and calls for everyone there to be fired, killed, or both.

On to the next town in this good Christian event."


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As always, the christian right demonstrate, quite transparently, that they're all profoundly dishonest and without doubt thoroughly and abjectly detestable human beings.

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The 6 greatest bargains in America:

 1) sunshine

 2) fresh air

 3) clean water

 4) public libraries

 5) public schools

 6) US Postal Service

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I find the music claim to be especially unlikely and egregious. These are librarians, they spend a good portion of their lives telling people to keep it down so as not to disturb patrons.

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Bit late, but top o' the mornin' to ya. Tis St. Patty's Day. Erin Go Bra-less. A holiday named after a religious man who drove the snakes out of Ireland, a country where there were no snakes. Never have been.

Onto Jerk Cameron. My my, such wrath, Jerky Boy. Such pride in your actions. Congratulations, you just violated 2 of the 7 Deadly Sins.

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Phenomenal. Never mind that all of the above might as well come right out of the Kirk Cameron self-promotion playbook, this time his antics got someone FIRED when that never should have happened. The only apparent reason that it DID happen is because Cameron needed to have everything he wanted with a cherry on top. What bothers me the most about all of this is that Kirk could do it again elsewhere and wind up with similar results.

It's past time someone pulled Cameron's pants down in public and let people see who he really is.

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Ugh, I couldn't even finish the article. WTF is wrong with Cameron and his enablers? Do they really think the truth is so malleable? I mean they clearly do and they need to be called out on it loudly, publicly and in places his followers will see.

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FauxNews lied? It's almost like a pattern there.

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