In my view, anyone who puts their religiosity forward as something that qualifies them for elective office, is unfit for that office by definition. His claims for America's Christian foundations sound like one of David Barton's fantasies. The words Christianity, Jesus, and Bible do not appear in the Constitution. That foundational document does, however, ban religious tests for holding pubic office, and Article VI pre-dates the Bill of Rights. That this country was founded on Christian principles flies in the face of history. The founders were part of, and products of, The Enlightenment which among other things represented a push-back against the role of religion in government. Conservative Christians never stop trying to institutionalize their sense of privilege.

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Jesus “is not dead, HE IS RISEN!”

He's pining for the fjords.

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Christians love to whine that others want to shove their agendas down the throats of Christians (usually LGBTQs and "wokes"). It is, of course, patently false.

The truth of that matter is that it is projecting Christians who are constantly trying to shove their agenda down everyone else's throats. Fox is just the latest example. He won't be the last, by any means. Christians are rapacious.

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“This teaching must include, but is not limited to, information concerning how the pilgrims emigrated because of persecution and how that* influenced the ideals and fundamentals behind early communities, and how, as these communities were formed, the communities cultivated democratic forms of government and Christian ethics simultaneously for the prosperity and safety of the commonwealth.“

* lead to the pilgrims persecuting others in the new world.

FTFY Fox. Stop lying to children.

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Remember the Religion Tolerance Act of 1649. My impression is that this act arose because the various cults--almost entirely all religious cults that had settled the eastern seaboard of North America leading up to this date--despite surviving the many hardships of disease, weather, famine, fighting with the native Americans, etc., were abusing and killing each other due to religious bigotry.

This is ironic in the face of the fact that these settlements were the result of all of them fleeing Europe to escape religious persecution there.

To a great degree, the freedoms bestowed to us in the US come directly or indirectly from this act--a "time-out" (so-to-speak) called on the religious fanatics' impositions on alternative ways of life.

Note that the act--although a milestone that led to our Bill of Rights--protected everyone from religious persecution regardless of their faith. There were two exceptions: atheists and Jews.

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“…the Christian foundations of the United States are taught.”

To be fair, slavery and genocide are a part of historic Christianity that were included in our nation’s founding.

“This teaching must include, but is not limited to, information concerning how the pilgrims emigrated because of persecution and how that influenced the ideals and fundamentals behind early communities…”

What the Pilgrims took away from the Christian sectarian wars in Europe and England was that they wanted to be the ones oppressing the minority instead of the minority.

“the communities cultivated democratic forms of government…”

Which aren’t in the Bible. And aren’t historically Christian forms of government. Historically, you served the King who had the divine mandate. How do you know he had divine mandate? Well, he was born in the royal family.

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May 30, 2023·edited May 30, 2023

The language Fox speaks is the same language Dumb Idiot Ham speaks when he spews out his projections, destructive lies, fascist, authoritarian, dictatorship talk, and creation fantasies. It's the language that people like me can all reject in favor of pure, secular freedom.

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His name is Fox. Because of course it is. Too bad for him that the mostly Deist founders didn't like or trust Christians and didn't want religion of any kind to have a say in governance.

Want to teach Christianity itself? Fine. Teach the entire bloody horrific history of the Cult of the Cross. Leave no gruesome detail unexamined, I say.

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Democrats currently control both houses in Michigan. This won't pass. I hope.

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So Joseph Fox is trying to do his best David Barton impersonation ... and it isn't going over very well in the Great Lake State. The one saving grace here (if I may use that term!) is that Michigan has gone largely BLUE in recent days, and such attempts to subvert its secular government have all the popularity of hobnailed boots on a dance floor.

Still, attention must be maintained on such people. Their efforts have to be checked and counterbalanced and constantly argued against, if the integrity of the government is to be maintained. That lawmakers such as Koleszar and Arbit are actively arguing against Fox and his efforts is mightily encouraging. Someone said a few years back that this is a never-ending battle, and that is exactly correct.

We can't let our guard down for so much as a moment ... and I have no intention of letting it down at all.

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Most of the early beliefs of the time of Jefferson were deist beliefs not monotheistic Christendom. Fewer people went to church and went less often. Also, there is absolutely nothing in the foundation of the making of the United States that is uniquely or particularly "Christian". It seems this is one myth that just never dies but continues to be regurgitated despite being a contrivance.

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The people of Michigan should be made aware of this legislation, and they ought to see it for what it is and vote Fox and the rest of the sponsors out of their government. They are not competent at their jobs.

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I think it should be taught with context...

How supposed christians performed mental gymnastics as they codified enslavement of God's children into bondage even as they uttered prayers to It even as they cried to It to free them from the tyranny of a King in a far away land.

As but one example.

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First year legislator?

In the minority party?

This is political theater.

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What "Christian foundations" is he talking about?

Freedom of religion is NOT anywhere in the Bible. God and his "chosen people" mete out death to everyone in cities for worshipping the wrong god.

Freedom of speech is NOT in the Bible. The penalty for speaking out against the status quo is again, death.

Representative government? NOT in the Bible. Both heaven and earth are only portrayed as iron-hand absolute monarchies.

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OT: Didn't know cataract surgery would throw my vision this off. Everything looks smaller through the remaining corrective lens of my glasses, which is playing havoc with my depth perception. Took a nasty tumble onto gravel misjudging a large step off my father's new porch.

I hope I get used to it soon, I'm afraid to drive, which is a big problem in a city with limited public transportation and Uber/Lyft is expensive. ($8 for less than 2 miles) Luckily I can work from home.

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