The dumbest state race again.

*Wait for alabama, louisiana and texas answers.*

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You can let your kid take this test and attend the schools that accept it, but they wont get hired by my kid because of incompetence.

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These guys put a lot of effort into effing things up. I mean, they work hard at it.

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I don't imagine this will be much of a problem. Men have enough trouble finding the CLT or just ignore it altogether.

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Sample questions from the CLT:

Africa is:

A. A continent full of shithole countries.

B. Where black people were liberated to become Christians in America.

C. Where evil atheists falsely say humanity originated.

D. All of the above.

Epistemology is:

A. A fancy word that atheists use to trick Christians.

B. A misspelling of eschatology.

C. Both of the above.

D. All of the above including C.

Evidence is:

A. Whatever confirms my present beliefs.

B. Whatever confirms Governor DeSantis' beliefs.

C. Either A. or B. depending on which answer gets me a higher score.

D. Answer C.

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"Christian-Catholic intellectual tradition." The world's greatest oxymoron.

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American education (along with every other indicator of intelligence or even competence) is heading into history's toilet anyway, so why not this? I'm sure we all remember the story a few months ago about the class of medical students at NYU that got their prof fired because his class was too hard. I mean, perish the thought that medical students should have to learn anything difficult about the human body, right? And incredibly the school went along with them and issued a statement that said, in effect, that the kids' parents had aid for the degree, so we have to give it.

Higher education, like virtually everything else in this country, has become a consumer transaction, and very little more. The NYU incident was the most blatant example, but it's not at all untypical. So if christian students want to purchase college degrees for believing "God did it," why the hell not?

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I usually did pretty well on the various bubble-fillers, the hardest part of taking them usually being my intense dislike for the scraping sensation of pencil on paper. Seriously- I haven't touched a pencil since high school. Can't stand the things. Never mattered what hardness I tried, or how fine the point was. The only thing worse was chalk- you can't 𝘪𝘮𝘢𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘦 how happy I was when I found out that all of my college's classrooms had whiteboards in them, and that I'd never have to use a chalkboard again. The ballpoint pen is, in my estimation, one of the greatest inventions in human history, and I would've given up handwriting altogether if they didn't exist.

Silly digressions aside... I'm no fan of standardized testing in general. Humans don't have standardized brains- we're not machines, and standardized tests have always struck me as an attempt to make humans 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘰 machines. Whole rooms full of 'em- quiet, obedient little card-punching difference engines, perfectly suited for whatever mind-numbing tedious repetition the working world has in store for them when they're all grown up.

Replacing the SATs and ACTs with an even dumber, more propaganda-soaked version of the same concept is a terrible idea- but then, this is Florida under Deathsentence we're talking about; if they didn't have terrible ideas, they wouldn't have any ideas at all.

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As a Christian leader, I want to make it clear that the CLT seems like and end run around engaging the real world and a way to add ideology to the mix. I agree with your thoughts in this post - this is a terrible idea and just one more way that white people continue to avoid the world as it is and is becoming and cling to what was - racism and cultural chauvinism, and all that goes with. Thanks for posting this blog.

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Philomena Cunk wrote the tests.

If you haven’t watched Cunk on Earth, you should it was hilarious. But it was about as intelligent as anyone coming out of Christian homeschooling.

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And they wonder why they're getting "Fs" on their tests....

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What Hemant left out is that the CLT is utilized mostly by christofascit homeschoolers. And that they are looking into somewhat equivalent classes to replace the AP courses, such as International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International AS and A Level subjects.

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These assholes are on a tear now. They're using Christianity as a test to see who deserves to go to college, never mind that there are plenty of students interested in furthering their education and not wanting to have knowledge tainted with religion. Foreign students and non-Christians are marginalized, yet again.

I wish we could load these dipshits into spaceships and send them to a distant asteroid where they can "practice their faith" without inflicting their bullshit on the rest of us.

I'm annoyed after wasting an afternoon on another Substack blog where a reiki-practicing dingbat got all upset because I didn't "respect" her belief that ailments can be cured by using "energy." I got the whole glossary in her comment: She's "centered" and "grounded," two of the most meaningless and nonsensical terms in the New Age lexicon. She accused me of calling her names, which I didn't, although I referred to reiki as "silliness."

Colleges are considering eliminating the SAT, which they did during the pandemic as a temporary measure. All the SAT really does is assess a student's likelihood that they'll succeed in college, and it's not a reliable indicator.

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DeStupid can pull all kinds of stuff like this, as regards education, no doubt. Problem specifically with the Classic Learning Test is: What do COLLEGES think of it? Is there any chance that they might accept it as a substitute for the ACT or SAT? Is it more likely that any serious school of higher learning is going to take one look at the CLT and break out laughing? Even the public colleges and universities of Florida are liable to give Ronnie some SERIOUS blowback as regards this further attempt to subvert their desire to actually TEACH KIDS.

Personally, I already think that Ronnie has gone a bridge too far with this crap. What I really hope to see happen is some heavyweight college administrative types get very in his face about this and other issues and SOON.

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Is Hemant not posting on onlysky anymore!

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