"...someone’s immortal soul that a parent believes would be at risk."

Show me an immortal soul.

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Too bad there aren't ghosts, can you imagine if some of these people were visited by the ghost of measles past?

These idiots won't be happy until they bring smallpox back from its lab.

Edit: I hate it when I don't notice I used the wrong their until after it's been upvoted.

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It's not enough that the Right is letting kids get murdered by guns in school, now it's another easily preventable set of plagues? Great job, pro-life crowd.

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The bible belt state of Mississippi by the numbers:

Ranked next-to-last Overall as "Best State to Live In." Ranked dead last in Healthcare (and about to get even worse). Ranked 43rd in Education (that high?). Ranked next-to-last in Economy. Ranked 48th in Infrastructure. 44th in Opportunity. 41st in Fiscal Stability.

The Magnolia State is God's Country. He can have it.

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Ok, so because we allow for those rare folks who will actually die from the vaccine to be exempt from taking it, we now have to allow folks who play imagination games to not take the vaccines. This isn’t about the religious getting fair play between secular and sectarian issues, this is about life and death and imagination. These folks are not understanding the reality of death. This is the harm that religion is causing. An entire population not only doesn’t understand the permanence of death, they demand that they get control over other people’s physical safety because of their poor relationship with death.

I’m out, the USA is fucked.

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Oh 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘭𝘺. Why am I not surprised that this ruling came out of one of the Federalist Society's disciples? That mob of fuckwits wouldn't know a rational argument if someone printed it out, rolled it up, and slapped them with it 'til their faces swelled up.

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An emerging new definition of the word religiosity: EXTREME SELFISHNESS AND SELF-CENTEREDNESS

There are some things that people living in a community are compelled to do for the good of the community as a whole. There's a fine line between individual freedom and selfish irresponsibility. Carving out religious exemptions for public safety practices is a mistake. Religions are infamous for taking a mile when they're given an inch. Sometimes slippery slopes really ARE slippery slopes:

"...must allow religious exemptions for vaccine deniers."

...must allow religious exemptions for limits on public noise. (just passed in Minneapolis)

...must allow religious exemptions for parents refusing life-saving medical care for their children.

...must allow religious exemptions for wearing masks during a pandemic.

...must allow religious exemptions for businesses refusing to serve LGBTQ+ customers.

...must allow religious exemptions for food service workers to wash their hands after crapping.

...must allow religious exemptions for shooting firearms into the air.

...must allow religious exemptions for speed limits.

...must allow religious exemptions for driving on the right side of the road.

Add your own idea of a ridiculous extreme exemption. Where is the line in the above sequence where you would say "Oh that would never happen."? There IS no line for people who claim that the Great Spook commands their privilege to be exempted. We're already seeing exemptions that folks used to dismiss with "Oh that would never happen."

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There is nothing anywhere in the Bible that mentions vaccines, epidemiology, virology, immunology, or indeed, anything other than "God sends plagues ". Claiming a religious exemption without any scriptural back up is simply asserting religious privilege.

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NO religion gets to decide what is or isn't true of a fact.

NO religion gets to decide what is or isn't moral.

"when it is someone’s immortal soul "

That the idea of an 'immortal soul' plays any part in this decision violates the 1st of those rules which make it a violation of the establishment clause. Letting religious beliefs trump established science does the same thing. If we ever get a sane majority in congress, they really need to pass some laws that make it easy to remove judges and especially justices in SCOTUS if their decisions entail denial of facts.

This case if even more blatant than the Kacsmaryk Mifepristone ruling but all the recent cases where religion won entail clear denial of facts. The press coverage of these cases still exhibit the extreme and wholly unjustified deference to religion and religious belief, even when the denial of facts is mentioned, there's no clear statement of how grossly dishonest these opinions are, and, they certainly don't call out how dishonest the judges and justices are to write or concur with those decisions.

There could be a, very tarnished, silver lining to this cloud in that it's going to lead to more and more kids, and everyone else for that matter, getting sick. Maybe at some point, if enough folks get sick or start dying, that deference will start to crumble.

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I was gone a few days, but somehow, it looks like I didn't miss too much.

I sometimes wish we could just boot these parents out of health care. Clearly, they think they know better than doctors and nurses who trained for years to be able to help others, so why should they want healthcare? Go home and take that spoonful of honey and whatever the panacea currently is, and start planning your funeral. I'm sick of the idea that some 15 minute internet search is better than actual, trained, experienced medical advice and care. Anyone who wants to whine about 'but my beliefs! I sincerely believe them!' can stop expecting the rest of us to put up with their shenanigans.

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Evangelicals are pro-mass death. To the surprise of literally no one who knows anything about them.

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A bit OT: We have still another demonstration of how thoroughly the Catholic bishops have subverted and corrupted America's judicial system: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/apr/21/new-orleans-church-donation-judge-clergy-abuse-victims

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Saw the headline. First two words out of my mouth were, "Oh, F***!!!" It's not as though Mississippi is among the WORST states to live in the first place. For what others have reported or commented on here, they are in the bottom tier in virtually EVERY category, particularly health care, and NOW they're willing to expose their kids to even more danger, in order to cootchie-coo a few religious nuts.

I feel sorry for those poor kids, because they deserve better. Hell, their parents should KNOW better ... and yet either they don't or they don't WANT to know better.

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Here's for our christian cheerleader of Nazi free speech.

Jewish student with autism had swastika carved onto his back, mother says

The woman said she noticed the hate symbol after her nonverbal son came home from Clark High School in Las Vegas.


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There is not a single verse in the Bible, or any other religious text that forbids vaccinations. There are, however, a shit load of verses that speak about caring for one another. These idiots choose to ignore those because they are nothing more than selfish d-bags.

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I am arguing about vaccines on one of the blogs I follow at the moment. They keep saying forcing people to get a vaccination is contrary to blah blah blah. I keep saying but many courts both national and international have decided that in an emergency such as a pandemic it's perfectly acceptable to force people to be vaccinated.

And there it rests they keep repeating their nonsense and I keep repeating my rebuttal. On MSN, I've used the reporting system to report people for Covid misinformation after they suggested that the Swiss have banned certain vaccines which is untrue. Still up there though.

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