Here is an obvious solution: Get rid of invocations all together! All they accomplish is allowing Christians to mark their territory in the halls of our secular government. Invocations certainly do not result in better governance. If anything, people who convince themselves they're operating under divine sanction are capable of almost any horror.

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This incident involving Hibbs would be bad enough in a social vacuum. What makes it far worse are his references to Islam when there is a Muslim House member (Ilhan Omar) present, never mind his disparaging comments regarding any Jewish member of the House. Huffman is absolutely right to call both Hibbs and Johnson out for this utterly misguided choice for delivery of an invocation, particularly for a "vetting" process which likely never happened.

And once again, considering this incident, how about dispensing with invocations entirely? Can we just start with: "The House will come to order. What is the first order of business?"

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I understand that people think that Pastor Hibbs is an bigot and a fearmonger, but that is only because the mainstream media is failing at describing the quotes accurately. For example:


For example a very biased site, wrote.

“When two people of the same sex get together, it’s out of sheer wanton lust and pleasure only for self,” Hibbs tells the congregation. “Nothing comes of it. No life can come from it. No family can come from it.”

When a more accurate quote would be

“When two people of the same sex get together, it’s out of sheer wanton lust and pleasure only for self,” Hibbs tells the congregation, in a slightly breathy voice while wiping a little sweat off his fore head. “Nothing comes of it." There was a uncomfortable pause, as he stared off into the distance. "No life can come from it. No family can come from it.” He said with a hint of regret as he turned his gaze towards his wife and children in the front row.

See the difference. The main stream media wants you to believe he is a bigot. When the truth is that he is a horny bigot who hates his family.

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If these whitewing un-American pseudo-religious political hacks do indeed represent Christianity as it should be, Christianity is in dire need of a major reformation, uh?

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I 100% agree that prayers before House business is not necessary. It doesn’t make your dinner taste any better either.

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if evolution is true, then there would be no such thing as homosexuality.” 

So you are saying, one way or another, your god allowed homosexuality. Good to know.

a demonic doctrine being propagated by heretics.”

Curious, I seem to remember one of their prophets is named Jesus. Probably an homonym.

"the January 6 insurrection attempt, saying, “This is what you get when you eject God from the courts and from the schools.”

*Checked the INA archives for an insurrection after an election during the 5th Republic. Came back empty ended*

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Because the last decade has seen the norms and traditions of our government thrown out the window in favor of getting back at the uppity blacks for electing a black president, twice. It didn’t start with electing Trump, but it was the most publicized step the white supremacists took. Trump is guilty of wiping his diaper clad ass all over the government procedures and standards, but then they added Gaetz, Greene, Boebert, Jordan, Tuberville, and many others who are literally simply circus monkeys trained to fling poo to distract from the GOP tearing up our constitution. Johnson is the right’s fourth choice for the runner up position for Speaker of the House that the GOP took, what was it, 15 votes to seat originally. They’re not electing effective, professional, qualified, and competent people for positions in our government. No, they’re electing the loudest squealers, the GOP needs to change their symbol from the elephant to pigs with bullhorns. They haven’t legislated anything, they can’t get anything done, not because the democrats are interfering, but because they’re fighting with themselves over who is the worst. (I hope the American people can wake up to see this come election day or at least enough who do see it bother to get off their asses to vote) Johnson and the chaplain’s office are acting out to get the perpetraitor’s attention so he might not throw them under the bus immediately.

I’m only surprised they didn’t have Anderson speak, but I’m guessing it’s only because he doesn’t wear a nice enough suit.

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This guy seems to be obsessed with homosexuality and transgenderdom.

I wonder if he's on the "down-low" with transvestite hookers?

He certainly hates Muslims, Jews, and anyone who doesn't subscribe to his version of Christianity.

Whatever his malfunction is, he should not be allowed on a Congressional podium, let alone in public without his keeper.

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We could really use a couple hundred more humanists, free thinkers, and non-theists in our Congress. Christian nationalism is un-American.

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To the rabidly homophobic Mr. Hibbs...

Greece just became the first Orthodox Christian nation to legalize same-sex marriage. Suck on that.

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I know it's too late now, but they should've brought in an atheist to do a follow-up invocation after Hibbs.

Turnabout's fair play, I say.

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Believe them when they say they will transform this government to one that matches their perverted theocratic crack dreams. That is only if we are apathetic and not vigilant. I'm just glad to be in the peanut gallery of the FA!

To infinity and beyond!

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"The letter is signed by nearly two dozen representatives, including Jamie Raskin, Pramila Jayapal, Katie Porter, and Ilhan Omar."

I don't have time to look up the party affiliation of those nearly two dozen representatives, but I'm pretty sure that NONE of them are members of the GOP, the God-Obsessed Party. It seems that for the Republicans, "ill-qualified hate preacher" is an oxymoronic phrase. To them, being such a rabid hate preacher and conspiracy paranoid make him FULLY QUALIFIED to speak for them.

"Whether this will amount to anything is anyone’s guess..."

My first guess was "No," but after thinking about it for 30 seconds, my guess is the outcome will be that even worse speakers will be selected. The Republicans will double-down on their hate-mongering, paranoid, screwball, just-this-side-of-a-straight-jacket guest speakers. For the modern GOP, no bad idea can't and shouldn't be made worse.

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“day of judgment draws near”

Bwaa haha ha ha.

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Hibbs is a huge advertisement for doing away with invocations altogether. They are divisive and serve no purpose whatsoever.

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Hibbs was brought aboard by a man who thinks he's a new Moses.

Is it any wonder the Key Founders wanted church and state to be kept as far apart as possible?

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