"...we’re talking about degrees Fahrenheit, which most of the world does not use.)"

"we’re talking about the bible, which most of the world does not use.)

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Kunteman doesn't want anyone to 𝘥𝘰 anything about climate change, he just wants to use his mystical numerological cherry-picking guide to get his interpretation of Bible verses so you vote for hate. And send him money.

Jesus H Motherfucking Christ. How gullible are the rubes?

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They're all banking on being dead before the worst of it hits- and that only proves that they hate their own descendants as much as they hate the rest of us. The cult of "fuck you, I've got mine" is alive and well, and wants to make sure that no one else can be.

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I have seen commercials pointing out that our lives are intimately entwined with fossil fuels (plastics, fuels, food production etc). They will go down fighting to pollute either through starvation of our corporeal existence or mental torture of our psychologic existence through twisted tales of ghosts and philosophies of goat herders and priests of moloch.

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May 13, 2023·edited May 13, 2023

They all want what the oil lobbyists have - $$$$$$$$. Even Dumb Idiot Ham, the builder of the infamous modern day oil tanker-shaped Noah's Ark denies climate change to get cash shoveled into his pocket by the oil industry and its lobbyists.

BTW, this is as awful as the infamous, fraudulent Bible Codes that was used to tell fortunes and make future predictions, which the Bible can never do in the first place.

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I just saw a post of a preacher I front of a visual aid that has a fidget spinner with Father, son and Holy Ghost all being god (which was in the center). He’s supposedly using this as a legitimate sermon to explain the concept.

The church has succeeded in dumbing down their sheep so much to buy into any ridiculously shallow idea as some beautiful deepity. I feel like they are regretting how dumb they made the flocks as they’re having a difficult time finding flotsam to sell them. This biblical numerology is believed simply because it’s over the heads of the marks in the audience so they think it’s smart.

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May 13, 2023·edited May 15, 2023

Another demonstration of Christianity's highly mobile goalposts:

First they said that all fossils of extinct animals were fakes because "God would never let any of his creations die out entirely."

Then people hunted several well known species to extinction, so they said "Well, okay, but that's man's sin not God's doing."

Then dinosaur fossils were all fakes, then well okay, they were real and dinos survived the flood on the ark, then man hunted them to extinction just like those other animals...

Concession after concession for two centuries while walking backwards in the face of advancing science and undeniable reality.

Now the Great Slow Retreat is about climate change: First, they denied it entirely, saying that God would not let this happen. Now they're starting to say "Well okay it's happening, but it's because of (again) man's sin, and it's all about bringing everybody to God on their knees.

Actually, this recent spin is about trying to bring everybody to PREACHERS on their knees.

Religion is a favorite tool of con artists and tyrants.

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What does the bible say about 64F and light rain?

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Climate change has the potential to wreak catistrophic damage to the planet, and all the creatures who live on it, and he wants us to look at Bible verses, as if that's going to change anything? There is no situation so bad it cannot be made worse by religion.

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WTF is he even on about? He doesn't have a premise let alone a conclusion, he's just playing a bible verse association game.

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If climate change does not exist, according to so many Christian conservatives, then it is clear that God cannot be using it to point the way to Bible verses, unless God doesn't exist. It's simple logic.

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Highest and lowest temperatures for today 22 and 9, Tuesday 14 and 8, Friday 18 and 10. I can also give temperatures for cooking various items with my air fryer, it can go as high as 240° 😁

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Temperature around these parts hit 300 Kelvin a couple days ago. 300 is some kind of magical number in the Bible. We do indeed live in Biblical times...or at least times with some numbers involved....

Because woo.

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An obvious fallacy: So when the Bible was written (or thereabouts) how many temperatures did common people use to describe the weather without the benefit of thermometers? I think my scale would be something like this.

(1) Cold enough outside to kill you,

(2) Cold enough outside to kill you fast,

(3) Cold enough for water to freeze,

(4) Cold enough to need a coat, (5) a sweater, (6) clothes,

(7) Cold enough to need shoes (or foot wrappings),

(8) Warm enough to be comfortable naked,

(9) Hot enough to want a breeze,

(10) Hot enough to sweat while not laboring, (11) while laboring,

(12) Hot enough to get heat stroke.

Much more than these get hard to differentiate or agree upon in common use. Other benchmarks and scale criteria are certainly reasonable but in the fifth century, for example, how hot or cold was "three?" And where would we possibly find 150 distinct temperatures?

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My daughter was born when we lived in the San Joaquin Valley. 105 degrees F is pretty normal for summer time. 118 is not unheard of there, nor in the high and low deserts of California.

As Hemant noted, Black Hole Mourner, Guerilla Surgeon, and most of the rest world would consider

105 to be 40.555 degrees. Psalm 41 starts out: "Blessed is he (sic) who considereth the poor: ..." (KJV)

So is that what God is telling us through climate change? We should help the poor? I am sure Hank would say that I was cherry picking!

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According to a thermometer on the side of a building, it was 118 F in Big Bend National Park one morning in May some decades ago when I was there. It felt hotter by mid afternoon but I didn’t have a thermometer with me. To my knowledge, 118 is hottest I’ve ever experienced.

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