There have been many bad forms of government throughout history, but none worse than theocracy. Even a cursory reading of history make the disconnect between religion and morality abundantly clear. This country doesn't face a single problem that has Christianity as a solution, and if you want to see what real persecution looks like, . . . hand power to the preachers. If the preachers ever acquired the power they crave, they would begin killing one another over doctrinal errors within a week.

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1 Corinthians 11:14

"Does not even nature teach you that it is a shame for a man to have long hair?"

So Sean, if you want to follow the Bible, first step for you, so you won't be shamed is go to your local barber shop and be in compliance. Don't rationalize the verse away. And until you do I take you as just another rebellious Christian who is living against God's word admonishing in hypocrisy that your "interpretations" should be law in the land to the "secular" public, many of whom are not Christians. Another busybody hypocrite. You are a dime a dozen this days.

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May 9, 2023·edited May 9, 2023

When I first became aware of all of this years ago, my mom's local Christian radio station (along with many fundamentalists booklets and tracts from the likes of American Family Association) convinced me that if everyone in America turned away from their sins and back to God, life will be so much better to where crime will be lowered to zero, no one will hear any swear works on TV and in the movies, no more seeing porn, no one will argue, fight, be molested and abused, no one silencing Christians in schools and other public places, everything will be just like life in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show.

Boy, was I fooled to believe in and hope for a whitewashed fairy tale fantasy world manufactured by Christians, wasn't I?

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So not only are they saying the quiet part out loud, they're using bullhorns to broadcast their crap! I suppose this was inevitable, particularly in the age of Trump, where nothing is too crazy or off limits.

Fine with me. If they want to be loud and proud about their bigotry, I have no problem matching up with them with my atheism and my liberalism and dedication to inclusivity. It just might be possible, too, that there are more of US than there are of THEM ... and we'll see how this works out.

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"... Feucht (which aptly rhymes with “exploit”)..."

I thought it rhymed with dumbass.

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Remember when that was the quiet part they didn't say out loud in public?

Thanks, Donald.....

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“Perspective changes when the political issues of the age are properly framed into a spiritual context.”

Not everyone agrees there is a spiritual context, not everyone agrees with your spiritual context, not everyone wants to live by a strict spiritual context.

“ The transgender movement? Rebellion against, "male and female He created them."”

Then why are there intersex individuals? Why do some people have different expressions of the sex chromosomes, xx and xy, but also xxy, x, or any number of combinations. Then not everyone believes in your god.

“Homosexuality? Rebellion against, "a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh."

Not everyone wants to get married, even good cis-het Christians choose to settle down with a spouse. Besides, your god isn’t everyone’s god.

“We have seen a clear unveiling of the secular progressive agenda over America: abortion on demand up until the moment of birth,”

No one on the left has ever said they want to abort perfectly healthy fetuses right before birth, this is a fearmongering tactic from the liars on the right. Abortion needs to be accessible for when a pregnancy goes south later in the pregnancy, but no one is saying they want to abort after eight months of pregnancy. No one is killing healthy babies birthed a week early. We already have laws against that anyway, you know the same laws you claim are enough to stop gun massacres.

“the normalization of pedophilia and child sexualization…”

You mean moving priests and pastors and ministers, youth pastors and all kinds of clergy from one place to another after they’re credibly accused of molestation. Sorry, that’s not the left, that’s the Christian nationalist position. There are very few and very rare instances of LGBT people molesting children, but daily instances of cis-het, mostly white, Christian, family men who cannot keep their hands and willies to themselves, raping newborns to the elderly. No the normalization of child molestation is coming from inside your house Feucht.

“and the castration of perfectly healthy children in the name of "gender-affirming care."”

No one is doing bottom surgeries on children, they’re providing safe and effective medication to slow the progress of puberty on children that have body dismophia. It’s the same thing we do for children with precocious puberty and making these laws that hinder transgender children, also harm other children, since you don’t care about the people that you think aren’t worthy, there are folks that are worthy in your eyes getting hurt too. More of the litter than the former, to boot. There’s only about 1000 kids across the country looking for this care, it isn’t the pandemic you think it is, but your interference leads to worse outcomes across the board.

“This the fruit of anti-Christian leaders employing and legislating dark agendas over our nation.“

The fruit of non-Christian Nationalists is to allow people to live healthy, honest lives, with as much freedom as possible for a functioning society. The Christian nationalist agenda os to stomp all over the constitution, allow corrupt, white men do whatever they please to control and hurt anyone who get in their way. You lie about the left to keep your sheep afraid and under your thumb, but I’m not going to let you get away with that. And there are far more of folks who support reality than you and your followers.

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I said it yesterday but these folks who want their religion to be in charge need to decide which religion/sect gets to run things before they can take over. Once they have determined the right religion, then they can work on the government takeover.

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May 9, 2023·edited May 9, 2023

"[A]bortion on demand up until the moment of birth, the normalization of pedophilia and child sexualization and the castration of perfectly healthy children in the name of "gender-affirming care." "

Four statements, four lies. A liar for Jesus lying to stoke the fears of his base to get them to accept the fascist theocracy of his wet dreams.

Sean Fuckt is dangerous.

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Dear Christian Nationalist community;

You've had your chance. You've claimed that more prayer in schools is the solution, you've managed to make abortion illegal in many states, you've claimed more privilege than ever before in US history. You've been allowed to run amok for more than 50 years at this point, and yet you still say you need more. More power, more money, more authority, more control, more, more, more. You even have the nerve to complain you don't have enough privilege yet and need more of that, too.

Enough already. The bottom line is that despite your claims, we aren't moving to 'Make America Great Again'. We're moving toward making the US a totalitarian theocracy run by Christians, and it's not going well because your Jesus has yet to put a leash on you. I've lost track of the number of times in the last ten years I've been grateful I don't have kids because I fear for future generations born into the kind of mental and emotional slavery you've been promoting. The truth is you're making a complete mess of what should be a good government based on majority rule for the most part, and if I were a betting person, I'd say your Jesus gave up on you a long time ago for a wide range of reasons.

Clean up your act. Grow up, learn some responsibility, act like you care about someone who isn't you. Take care of people in need regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof and stop living like the world revolves around you. The rest of us might even like you better at some point if you do.


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May 9, 2023·edited May 9, 2023

"There is no place for Muslims, Jews, Hindus, or atheists in his ideal world. They could exist, sure, but their religious needs would never be treated on the same level as a Christian’s wants."

Don't be naïve. EVERYONE who fails to meet the religious standards of Feucht's nightmare theocracy will be executed. There are plenty of examples in his precious Book of Magical Stories, and there are plenty of historical precedents. He just knows that he has to tell the truth in small steps as he gradually gains acceptance and power.

At 72, my chances of dying of another heart attack, a stroke, or cancer increase every day. But if instead I die violently, the chances are increasing every day that it will be at the hands of one of these insane monsters.

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I can only assume he wants crucifixion back on the list for punishment of certain crimes. For instance, wearing nylon and cotton, or having that psychobilly gal tattooed on your arm, or for listening to psychobilly...

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Breaking!!! Trump sexually assaulted, defamed E. Jean Carroll. $5 Mill fine.

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Because when Christian preachers are allowed to create their own mini-communities, living in a small compound/territory where they are relatively free from outside interference and can impose the religious rules they *really* want, it works out so well and everyone becomes so happy and wealthy that it is obvious this should be the model for the entire country.


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If you haven't read it yet, pick up a copy of Andrew L. Seidel's book "The Founding Myth" Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American."

Seidel's takedown of NatCism remains a must-read.

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Can hardly wait for the Battle Royale between the thousands of xtian sects eye gouging each other as they scramble to be top dog.

Let them fight.

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